Cloud Human Resources System

Today’s economy demands a more proactive, effective role for the HR department. Without a capable and flexible HR system, companies are hard to manage the whole HR administration, including headcount budgeting, personnel administration, complete payroll and benefit calculation, leave management and attendance, etc. What’s more important, the overall employee satisfaction and HR efficiency will be hampered if the HR system cannot be accessed via mobility and web, which is the main trend nowadays.

E5talent Human Resources manages your globally dispersed workforce, improve human resource processes, and enhance employee satisfaction for greater efficiency and cost savings across the enterprise. With its start-of-art web development technology and mobility access over mobile phones, the most critical HR tasks can be managed anytime and anywhere.

Major Features and Benefits of E5talent:

  • Fully integrated with Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) e.g. NetSuite, SAP
  • Affordable Cloud system for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
  • Multiple languages of English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese
  • Comprehensive management for all essential personnel data including skill set, education, qualification, training, working experience, and employment history
  • Great flexibility for defining various parameter setting liked leave entitlement, leave type and payroll formula.
  • Full compliance with localized statutory requirements in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan and Singapore
  • Supports user-defined approval workflow for employee self-service liked application of leave, expense claim, appraisal and change of personnel record
  • Provides mail merge function to automate some employee documentation
  • MPF and voluntary contribution calculation with file generation and remittance statement to major service providers
  • Various statistics and HR analytical reports for facilitating managerial decisions
  • Strong security protection: authorization for each function, access log and audit trail report

E5Talent HRMS supports multiple records to store the personal information which could be searched for staff development and succession planning. E-mail alter is available for probation completion and other documents with expiry date such as work permits, visas and contract agreements. Besides, appraisal form can be user-defined according to each role/ position.


E5Talent HRMS supports a wide variety of electronic time recorder devices to capture the attendance data and to analysis the result automatically. The attendance module can help you keep track of employee punch-in and punch-out times.


E5Talent HRMS supports multiple payroll periods by company and payment line. Provisional payroll update is available to check and verify the result before conducting the actual payroll update. Payment Slip can be printed or send via E-mail encrypted with password. Being compliant to regional and territorial laws, it supports sophisticated payroll calculations, such as RSE, minimum wage and taxation calculation.


All leave types are user-defined with various kinds of leave policy and rounding rules options. System will automatically calculate the leave balance for new year subject to the entitlement, supporting carry-forward and forfeiture. Untaken leave can be compensated by leave payment upon termination.


It provides comprehensive statutory and managerial reports and statistics. All the reports can be exported into Excel, or PDF. Besides, system’s bundled tool “Information Export” allows users to generate a query report easily by themselves.


Employee/Manager Self Service/Mobile Application

In ESS/MSS module, employee can perform online leave application, access their own payslip, IR56B , personal data and leave record.  Supervisors can view their sub-ordinate data and process the leave approval processes.  Once HR approved, data will automatically transfer to the core Personal module.

The system’s Mobile App maximizes the greatest efficiency of mobility advantage nowadays. Remote employee can easily submit the leave application and expense claim via the mobile device.