ThoughtSpot is the next generation analytics platform that makes analytics accessible for every business person through the power of search & AI. It’s simple, smart, and delivers speed at scale, enabling business people to use an easy, natural search experience to analyze company data in seconds and get trusted AI-driven automated insights in a single click.


Search & AI-Driven Analytics Platform

Use search to get granular insights from billions of rows of data. Or let AI uncover insights from questions you might not have thought to ask.

Ask questions in natural language.

SearchIQ, ThoughtSpot’s natural language search lets you have a conversation with your data.

Get answers to questions you didn’t think to ask.

SpotIQ learns from your usage to surface hidden personalized insights.

Create interactive dashboards to drill anywhere.

Search & AI make it easy for anyone to build dashboards and answer “the next question” in seconds.

Analyze billions of rows at sub-second speed.

Powered by ThoughtSpot Falcon — The world’s fastest number crunching machine.

Scale enterprise-wide with governance and security.

ThoughtSpot’s unlimited user license model scales to thousands of users who can analyze billions of records in milliseconds.

Architecture matters.

Thoughtspot was purpose-built from the ground up for Search & AI.